Remember When…. (Flashback Friday)

Remember when Christian Hip Hop was primarily about Christ?

Reaching urbanites by teaching through His servant’s mics?

I remember when cats had a heaven’s mentality, not just put on church clothes

Their goal – REP THE KING and “I Love You Jesus” was the song they would sing

I believe the passion was real, but soon a gang of “stars” had mass appeal

Now cats feel they’re worth massive deals worth half a mil…..JACOB

Cats need a great awakening because it’s all about the atonement

Killing sin is the  occupation. To die is gain should be our focus every moment!


FLASHBACK – CHH’s Better Days


We’re sent with a scent reminiscent
Of the God we represent.
Our lives should be evident.
Bearing the marks of the heaven sent
We roam throughout this pestilence
Proclaiming His matchless precedence.
Our aim is to declare His worth and magnificence
In every aspect of our earthly existence.
With persistance, press toward the mark of excellence.
God’s regiment is not called to negligence.
Don’t be hesitant! Show the world your true residence
With regard to righteousness right now in the present tense!
by David D. Robinson