5 thoughts on “Examine Yourselves. . .

  1. i beheld as joe’s bars were spit upon cyphers
    i should be desiring God like john piper

    yeah, dave, this is what it’s all about. i’m ashamed to say my first thought isn’t about serving others, making my life count, being practical about doing His will, refusing to abandon the comforts of a life that really isn’t “life” at all …

    but by God’s grace i’m getting there. getting to the place where i practice holy reckless abandon. after all, this world and its perks isn’t even the point of it all. it offers nothing of lasting value anyway. even if i, through the holy reckless abandon mentioned earlier, ended up living by the side of the road in cairo and serving folks there for the remainder of my earthly time, what will have been lost? nothing whatsoever. i’m not there today, but i’m getting there.

    i can feel it.

  2. oh, and his comment about “they’re not born again” is deep. which is why inreach is just as important as outreach. and how can he say such a thing? well, when the Holy Spirit enters a dead being and gives it new life through the required repentance and faith in Christ’s righteousness/atonement … IT’S OBVIOUS.

    either the Holy Ghost indwells someone or He doesn’t. hard truth, but truth nonetheless. some folks aren’t born again.

    and therefore won’t see the Kingdom.

    ouch for me and a bunch of others!

  3. Eve,

    That comment about “not being born again” is penetrating. At times I ache because many professing Christians don’t understand what the gospel really is. Therefore, Christ isn’t their treasure nor their passion.

    Pray for the Lord to soften others hearts and open their eyes to His beauty. Likewise, we must keep ourselves from idols (1 John 5:21).


  4. Ya know what I thought about was Eccl 2:24 (esv) “who can eat or enjoy anything apart from God!” It speaks of Gods being our complete satisfaction! He and His Glory! I pray that my life be totally given for His glory! That it be spent gloryfing Him! Nobody wants to die anymore! That would be us being a rebel!

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