Pray for “Red”

The sovereign work of God never ceases to amaze me. Truly as Jesus said, the Father is always at His work, even to this very day. I know the context of that (John 5:17) is speaking about Sabbath laws, nevertheless it still rings true. Let me explain.

Tonight, I went to the gym, washed my car and noticed that I needed gas.  Now, I’m a bit particular these days about where I purchase my gas because of the varying prices.  The gas station next to the carwash typically runs a bit higher than all of the other gas stations in my area, so I passed on going there.  I decided on a particular gas station to go to and there are 3 of those within a 5 mile radius of the carwash.

I ended up going to the one probably the furthest away, but the easiest to get to based on the way the streets are laid out.  As I pull into the gas station, I see this maroon Chevy Impala pull up bangin’ some rap music.  As I am getting ready to pump my gas, I hear:

“Say man, you wanna check out some free music I’m promotin’?”

“What is it?”

“Typical dope music from the south.”

“What are they talking about?”

“Everyday life type of stuff. You know just trying to make it.”

“Nah, but let me tell you why I don’t want it. I’m a Christian and I don’t desire to listen to that.”

(I said this respectfully) 

“Ah, that’s cool man. I understand. I go to church every Sunday.”

 “Oh word? What’s your name?”

“Red.” (He had red hair)

“I’m  Dave.”

“So tell me, what do you know about the gospel?”

As we begin to discuss the gospel and what it means to be forgiven, “Red” insisted that he’s good with God, how he lives moral life, etc.  I explained to him that a truly forgiven person won’t attain perfection in this life, but that person will demonstrate fruits of repentance and no longer continually lives to please his flesh, but rather advance the kingdom of God.  After 10 minutes of further dialogue he finally admitted that he isn’t a believer and he’s not ready to make that commitment.

“You know it’s funny that you bring this up. My boss at work always talks to me about this stuff, so it’s really strange that I walk up to you and you talk about this.”

“Red, can I give you some music?”

“Sure. That’s what’s up!”

I gave him a copy of the Before You Die music tract from Reach Records and wrote my phone number on it.

“Yo Red, if you ever want to chop it up, just call me and we can rap.”

“Thanks man!”

Do you see the love of God in directing me to that gas station, the one furthest away, so “Red”could hear the gospel again? It reminds me of the route Jesus took on the way back to Galilee from Judea through Samaria.  Jews typically avoided going through Samaria for many reasons, but John 4 tells us that he had to go through Samaria.  Though there was no geographical necessity to travel through Samaria to Galilee from Judea, the Father had appointed a conversation between Jesus and the woman at the well that led to a harvest of conversions.

If you remember, please pray for the Lord to open “Red’s” eyes to his sin and the beauty of the cross!

Grace & Peace,



16 thoughts on “Pray for “Red”

  1. Dave, we should call you that “gas station preacha!” LOL Praise the Lord you had an opportunity to share the gospel and I pray for “Red’s” salvation.

  2. Kia,

    Funny! I was thinking about that too. I don’t know why the Lord opens up opportunities with me at the gas station, but I’m joyful for it!


  3. d,

    This is the second time that I’ve read this and it makes the embers of my soul kindle for so many reasons, but I’ll just state two.

    First, I loved how you redeemed your time doing regular kinds of things to be an ambassador to the gospel. It’s so normative for our culture now that kats approach with cd’s in tow, just looking for us to be that typical consumer, alas you were not that one, but I’ll admit I’ve never planned for an opportunity to share Christ in that way – til now! Great opening line, “so tell me, what do you know about the gospel?”

    Second, I loved how your reading of God’s word built up anticipation for the Lord to be glorified in future events in your life! Lately, I’ve been praying that the Lord show me his glory more and he has been answering this prayer, especially in opening up my mind to the Scriptures. It is there that I see how glorious he is…

    In studying the Gospel of John, I’m learning so much, whether it be by considering the careful thought process of Nathanael in questioning the Lord, cherishing the humble anticipation of his [dear] mother in instructing the servants to “do whatever he tells you” at the wedding in Cana, or probably the one that blows the locs off my head – watching with a mix of painful and awed anticipation at how the Jews missed the fact that the Passover lamb had come in the person of Jesus Christ to the temple [at Passover], refining it and in a divine gesture, sweeping away what was no longer able to atone for the sins of man. There he was doing only what he had the authority to do – as God – pointing to himself as the propitiation for our sin…

    I love John and I’m appreciating this particular post because it reminds me that my understanding of John 4 is not exhausted in seeing that Jesus went thru Samaria, but I’m continually filled up with excitement at the fact that we are to anticipate how God will use real life, everyday, historical events to show off his glory – I just don’t want to miss it! And I think that that is the point of being more than a hearer [or reader] of God’s word. This speaks to the Christians Pharisaic propensity to merely read the word with no understanding or with Spirit quenching limitations for how God will move in the future. Yeah, I don’t want to miss his glory passing by us or [to be] with us, but instead I’d like to share in that feeling the disciples had in Luke 24:32, “Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked to us on the road, while he opened to us the Scriptures?”

    Thanks Dave.

    Grace & Peace,

  4. LOL I’m sorry my comments are always so long *sigh* I looked for a way to send a personal note, but I gave up after a few minutes and just decided to post a reply. I’ll try to be more brief next time, but where is that button?

  5. Najah,

    Again, thanks for stopping by and replying! I’m sure other readers are encouraged by your comments, as I am. In response to your thoughts….

    Two verses come to mind concerning redeeming our time. They are:

    * Colossians 3:17And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

    * 1 Peter 2:9 –  But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

    I’m sure you’re aware of the pseudo-line of demarcation between sacred and secular in the life of the believer. All is sacred for the believer since our lives are hidden with Christ in God. As many a pastor has said, “We are on mission.” Our faith should be demonstrated comprehensively because of our new identity, just as sin comprehensively permeated our lives before conversion. So redeeming the time is the fruit of His redemption, which is our sanctification exhibited in our daily affairs. I love it!! Big upping Christ is our very lives! Oh how I wish more of us would boast more in Jesus instead of our race, our political party allegiances, our alma maters, or any other temporal form.

    Indeed, beholding the glory of God in Jesus Christ in the Scriptures has been the source of my confidence, joy, and boldness in witnessing. How great are His promises toward the redeemed! The gospel and its implications are simply amazing. I’m even more excited as I’m seeing the progressive redemptive plan of God and Christocentrism of the OT as Jesus stated in the Luke chapter you quoted (Luke 24:44). The book I’m currently reading, According to Plan, by Graeme Goldsworthy has been a tremendous blessing. If you’re a reader, and I gather you are, I encourage you to consider purchasing it.

    Grace, sis!


  6. Dave Says: Do you see the love of God in directing me to that gas station, the one furthest away, so “Red”could hear the gospel again?

    Tish says smiling: Yes I do! Like Najah, I was so excited, actually tickled reading this post.

    Najah says: This speaks to the Christians Pharisaic propensity to merely read the word with no understanding or with Spirit quenching limitations for how God will move in the future. Yeah, I don’t want to miss his glory passing by us or [to be] with us, but instead I’d like to share in that feeling the disciples had in Luke 24:32, “Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked to us on the road, while he opened to us the Scriptures?”

    Tish says: prayer for myself–especially the more years I walk with God is that my pride would be swallowed up by His glory and agenda for my life. Najah’s comments are right on point with what my Pastor has been talking about the last three weeks. He’s helping us see what WORSHIP is (all of life; no false lines of demarcation as Dave mentioned) and who we really are (depraved) as he unpacks Romans 1 in a way that in clearly Spirit inspired. So I take further heed to the insights from this post and subsequent comments. For we who know–will be held to a higher standard of judgement (Romans 1:32)

  7. Tish and Najah-

    Like ya’ll I don’t want to miss the glory of God either or being able to be used by him in the most “mundane” situations of life. Sometimes simple gestures of kindness can open up the door for someone to hear the gospel.

    I pray for the boldness to take advantages of the opportunities that God gives me in conversations with others to share the good news.

  8. @ Michael – Thanx for the encouragement and stopping by!

    @ Tish – Amen, sis! Our lives should reflect how worthy God is. Lord, help us!

    @ Kia – One thing I do is pray for opportunities to be used by God wherever my feet tread. You’d be amazed at how God answers that prayer!


  9. ahhhh … this whole discourse is edifying. thanks for dave’s post AND all the remarks. we’re called to WALK with the Lord, abiding in Him; not just visit a building on sunday mornings or schedule “devotional times” once a day. when we WALK with Him, hearing from Him, talking to Him, reading about Him, He totally directs paths as we go about life. Lord, help me follow your plans and not my own!

  10. Heavenly Father,

    Thank you so much for the grace you’ve shown to your elect by giving your Son Jesus Christ! This message is so encouraging and I thank you that Dave was able to share it with us. It reminds me a lot of myself. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard the gospel (good news) of the Lord Jesus without thinking twice about it as though it were a boring lecture by some wack professor. Until one day, out of nowhere I might add, YOU revealed the reality of my desperate need for a Savior to me.

    So it is my prayer that “Red’s” heart and mind will be lit up with the light of your gospel. Though he may have walked away disinterested now, in Your time, maybe one day he’ll awaken and be used to proclaim the praises of Christ who has called us out of darkness into His marvelous light! Your grace is enough!

    Your will be done.


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