The Homosexual Hermeneutic

In-depth interview with Tonex…..

I would love to hear your comments on this.

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Part II

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3 thoughts on “The Homosexual Hermeneutic

  1. Put that on my Facebook page, as my boy KT called me to inform me of it. I say to Tonex, “hush yo speak”. Absolutely amazing…..sin is the most dangerous disease known to mankind!

  2. d,

    I think that Tonex has presented us with a “God of the gaps” to condone sinful behavior. It’s easy to use cliches like I stand on God’s word, I trust him to see this to the end, I spoke the truth so therefore I’m free, which is a misuse of what this text really means, and I didn’t want to be a hypocrite, etc. but not truly understand what those things mean. It’s easy to say God has spoken, but is not clear or that I’ve tried and I’ll just believe God but not truly submit oneself to what that really means. This – what we’ve seen is the picture of tragic.

    Tonex is not alone in this tragedy. Many church going people really have little understanding of the Sufficiency of Scripture to speak to our lives. It is authoritative in all of its claims and able to correct, reprove, teach and instruct us in righteousness. I heard him quote Scripture, but he might as well have been quoting “mary mary quite contrary” from some nursery rhyme. The God he presented lacked all power and had no ability to speak words that made sense for him or any sinner for that matter!

    Sure believer’s sin in all of its varied manifestations, but I think that this video and circumstances like this help us to see the need for responsible confession of sin. This was not responsible confession of sin, if it was a true confession in the first place. Tell everything so that I might be free is not Biblical. Tonex didn’t need to clarify any of what he said about his divorce, marriage or promiscuity. I’m sure it was pretty evident by most who are in that world and know him.

    His “confession” existed mainly to help him “come out” and say this is who I am. If Lexi said anything of importance, it was in her question, as a Pastor shouldn’t you know? Shouldn’t you know whether you are done with the homosexual lifestyle? YES! But he dodged that bullet by saying I’m an undershepherd and I’m merely pointing them to the cross, not to Tonex. He took the meaning out of pointing men to the cross! What would the apostle Paul say? Follow me as I imitate Christ?

    Tonex may have said that he loves God, but I am not so sure he loves the God of the Bible. I don’t even know that my biggest issue was that he said he is attracted to men and has had “gay sex.” The low view of Scripture really disturbs me. God is a covenant bearing God? Absolutely, but it’s amazing how that became a way to shore up his homosexual hermeneutic as you coined it.

    Some Scripture is difficult to understand, but the majority is not. Most people find what they understand about the Bible to be the problem, not what they don’t understand. By presenting a God who “loves everybody” to himself and the world (at least of youtube) Tonex has created a false sense of security…interestingly, I remember this one song he had on his first album called Restoration. One part went like this, “I compromised/Hanging out with friends from my past/I thought no harm done/but my flesh took over in a flash/even when I was with them my mind wasn’t there/ for I knew if you came Lord that I’d be left…”

    Those lyrics tell me that Tonex knows that there is a price to be paid for sin and that penalty is not realized in God’s prescence. He says that being in the flesh, which is a reference to living in sin, not the Spirit is grounds for being “left” by Christ if he should return. Whatever problems I have with his eschatology aside, it’s quite clear that Tonex has now changed his mind about what he feels is okay in God’s eyes.

    Lexi asked if you died today, would you go to heaven. He almost answered before she finished the question, “yes” he said. Why? “Because I told the truth.” Has he told the truth simply because he admitted he was gay? Is that what God is calling sinners to do? What happened to repentance, turning from sin, and trusting in the redemptive power of Christ’s death on the Cross for every aspect of life?

    It makes me want to cry. I have so much more I’d like to say, but this is almost a blog by now. I just want to say this is not a bash against Tonex anymore than Phineas’ zealousness to kill sin was to Zimri, but rather an opportunity to side with the LORD for his holiness. It’s no wonder the Lord and his bride, the church are reviled by evil men. What regard do the people called by his name have for him?

    I will pray.


  3. Najah,

    Sis, I fully agree with you concerning his abuse of and ignorance of the text to try to justify his sin as well as convince himself he’s actually walking in the light. As one who loves to study and understand God’s Word, this pervasive ignorance by professing believers bothers me. But what bothers and saddens me even more is how many “us” are apathetic or lazy when it comes to understanding the truth of Scripture. As it is, deception abounds and the name of Christ is blasphemed more among the unbelievers. This of course leads me to question the genuine conversion of many who profess to be of The Way.

    You hit the nail on the head when you questioned his love for the God of the Bible. It’s obvious to me that Tonex is worshipping the god of his imagination and desires.

    May the Lord open his eyes to see the truth! May we be found as faithful dispatchers of truth in word and deed for the sake of the elect!

    I appreciate you stopping by and offering your thoughts!

    Grace, sis!


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