Consistent Inconsistency

On Monday, June 29th, I had an interesting exchange with a woman. Let me clarify.  I’m going to be moving in a couple of months and I thought I’d get a head start on pre-leasing an apartment, while the summer specials are in full effect!

I arrived at a particular property on Monday expecting the usual routine: look at an apartment, visualize my furniture, take note of the amenities, etc.  This particular property was located in a great spot – literally across the street from my church.  The price was a bit more than what I wanted to pay, but I could still afford it.  After I introduced myself, the leasing agent and I hopped in the golf cart and rode to the apartment building.  She was a free spirited gregarious woman and uncommonly transparent, considering I was virtually a stranger.  She also bragged about her baby. Such a proud mom!

As we headed back to the leasing office, she shared more about her migration to Austin and all of the bumps in the road she’s experienced that she is trying to smooth out.  Turns out we’re the same age and her son and I share the same birthday month.

“So what are you? Capricorn, right? Capricorns are very cool people.”

So either she picked up on my coolness or she just said that because her son was born in the same month.  I’m leaning toward the latter.

“Well, I don’t believe in astrology, but I guess that’s what they say.”

“Well, I believe in astrology, David, and Capricorns are totally cool!  Just be you!”

Ah, there it was – my inroad to sharing the gospel.  You see, all the while, I had been keenly listening to her to get a grasp on what she thought about spiritual things.  This is why I love conversing with people.  Sooner or later an opportunity will arise to inject the gospel or inquire people’s thoughts on the Messiah based on listening to them spew their worldviews.

So we wrap up the evening, I get all forms, etc. and ride off into the setting sun of Central Texas!

“Dag! I left my driver’s license in the leasing office. I’ll get it tomorrow on my lunch break!”

I arrive at the leasing office on Tuesday, June 30th, and lo and behold, we’re basically the only ones in the office.  She grabs my license and we begin to chat more.

“You want to see him? I have a picture!” I knew she was talking about her son.

“What a handsome little man!”

“Isn’t he though?”

“What’s his name?”


Ding! Ding! Another inroad. Isn’t it obvious, y’all?

“Really? What made you choose that name?”

“Well, it’s Rastafari. I’m into Rastafarianism.”

haille selassie

“Ok.  So what drew you to Rastafarianism?

“Well, I was around it a lot and it’s really peaceful, but…I just can’t get into the Bible.”

“Really? Why not?”

“It’s irrelevant.  It doesn’t apply to what’s going on here now. I’m such a wild girl and it’s too suffocating. I used to be a born again Christian. I went to church, but it wasn’t for me. I think all religions are true.”

“So you don’t believe there is one way?” (Yes, I caught the used to be born again line…)

“Nope.” <shaking her head>

“You don’t believe in an absolute objective truth?”

“Love is the only objective truth! I believe we are all God; all of us and our unique experiences. I pray to God everyday. Me and God are tight!” <crossing her fingers>

“Well, I’m a Christian and I believe objective truth has to exist.”

I then approached her on having a discourse on Christianity and Rastafarianism.

“David, you’re cool and I love discoursing, but if you start preaching to me, I’ll shut it down.  There is no way you’ll ever convince me to believe the Bible.  I’m a hard headed girl and once my mind is made up, it’s set.  And I’m not going to church with you, so don’t invite me”,  she said with huge smile.

I love the conquering grace of God on such undeserving rebels. Such was I!

“I won’t preach to you and don’t worry about church. Let’s just….discourse”

“Ok,  here’s my e-mail address.”

Resident blindness and spiritual lifelessness has caused her to miss her contradiction and inconsistent thinking.  According to her, all religions are right, save one because it’s irrelevant and antiquated. Why discount Christianity if all religions are right?  Can the Jesus of Rastafarianism be the same Jesus of Christianity?  These are questions I plan on asking.  But first I will ask her, “Why do you believe God exists?”  Then I will ask her, “Has God made himself knowable?”  Think about the two possible answers to this question and imagine the conversation.

Pray for God to grant me an unhindered chance to share the gospel with her and for her eyes and heart to be opened to the truth and necessity of Jesus Christ.

Grace & Peace,



4 thoughts on “Consistent Inconsistency

  1. awwww yeah! thanks for sharing this, dave. around the middle of that discussion, something physiological would have happened to me that clearly didn’t happen to you: adrenaline. that would have made me less capable of being as polished as you were … i especially like how you’re able to keep from taking the “buzz-word bait,” only grabbing hold of remarks she made that you can use to advance the fame of Christ instead of taking controversial “bait” and having a discussion that goes in the wrong direction. i hope i was clear with that one. anyway, y’all are in my prayers. please keep us updated.

  2. Thanx, Eve.

    Yeah, she was a bit scrambled in her defense, obviously not realizing her inconsistent worldview. So that’s why I chose to take it back to the existence of God and peeling back the layers from there.

    By God’s grace this will hopefully reveal the necessity of continuity in a belief system for it to be considered logical, but then taking it to what is true and what isnt. Then pointing her to the truthfulness of Jesus’ existence, and His salvific accomplishment thru sacrifice and resurrection.

    Thanx for praying!


  3. Dave,

    It is interesting how folks get defensive or defiant when you mention the truth to them. I just wonder what happened in these peoples lives to get them to that point.

    I pray that she has an open heart to receive the truth.

  4. Kia,

    It is interesting to see people become defensive when Christ is mentioned. I wonder if she would’ve been just as defensive if a Muslim were trying to convert her, since they are monotheistic too.

    But really her defiance has her roots in the results of Genesis 3, as you know. Her attitude was a prime example of Paul’s claim in 1 Corinthians 1:18:

    “For the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”

    Thanx for praying!


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