Jas Knight – The Psalter

Just a little taste of what’s forthcoming from Lampmode Records…..

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this project.

Grace & Peace,



5 thoughts on “Jas Knight – The Psalter

  1. I’m looking forward to this as well. I’ve been waiting for a few years now. If they have a release party, I want to be in the place!!

  2. Yeah, if there is a release party, I might have to make an up north trip if plane fares are reasonable..


  3. Why D? Is this your music of choice…? Do you know dude? I’ve seen this one before. Who is he? And is he signed to Lamp??? Peace Fam! Missin ya!

  4. Donald,

    I’m assuming you’re asking me why I am excited about this project. Simply because it’s good music. Great music! I have to take breaks from my typical diet of hip hop, plus I love the jazzy-cool sound.

    I’ve never met Jas, but I know he’s done music for shai, Da T.R.U.T.H. and others. He’s been under the radar for a minute, but obviously it’s time to get his music out there. I believe he is a Lampmode artist.


    join me on the anti-crunk movement!

  5. Donald: Jas is a lampmode artist and he’s a cool brother. He’s also a painter because in my one of my philly excursions (lol) he had an art show! I don’t remember what he painted, but I know it was nice. I had a chance to talk with him (along with the other sisters) at the Lamp Mode Tea Concert a few months ago.

    He plays multiple instruments, writes and produces and, like dave said, has been in the background. He’s part of the Lamp Mode band when they do live shows and he is a funny guy. (Ahh the memory of when they all came down to Flava Fest.) My sister said they were “cuttin’ up at the Lamp Mode table!)

    Sorry for the mini- bio! lol

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