He Has Come

Rejoice, O world, for Christ has come!

Rescued us and brought us nigh

No more can death be our sum

For we were ransomed by His life


From the foundation, He was slain

His incarnation, a mystery

His exaltation was foreordained

The Center Point of history


His glory concealed in human flesh

Dwelled with and loved the worst of man

Only eyes that see are truly blessed

The profound beauty of the Lamb


For our sin, nails were driven through the Sinless One

As His predestined blood dripped slowly

The Father’s wrath consumed the Son

For He said,….“I AM HOLY!”


No greater love is this

That He laid down to death

The ordained betrayers kiss

Made way to put enmity to rest


Rejoice always!

For we are reconciled to our King

Forever we shall render praise

To Christ, who gave His life an offering



Written by David Robinson – 12/24/08








2 thoughts on “He Has Come

  1. This is very nice. Why am I just now seeing it? Over a year later!! My bad. I guess I need to pay closer attention.
    Seriously, I like the poetry. Nice touch. You have all these hidden talents.
    God bless you is my prayer.

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