The Age of Me?

For about a year I’ve gone back and forth about whether or not I should enter the blog world.  The reason is because I didn’t want a blog that essentially would be trivial. Nor did I want to blog for the sake of blogging in this age of hyper-individualism where everyone feels the need to be seen and heard and feel justified in doing it.  I call it the Age of Me or the Age of Personalization.  Everybody wants to be a rock-star…..and they probably are in their own little world.  That’s just another way of qualifying the age old sin of pride.

The mode of our global culture is the imperative to “do you!” Sound familiar? It should. In a nutshell, that was the first lie told and believed that projected the human race into sin.  Its effects are obvious. Think about it.  Beyond our own personal fashion, our cars or places of residence, we can personalize/customize sneakers, our cell phones, ringtones, websites, blogs, etc.  I’m willing to bet that “personalization” is a strong selling point for many products and services companies offer. 

Before someone stones me and accuses me of being against expression or creativity, let me be clear, I’m not. So what am I saying? It’s really rather simple.

To what end do you desire such personalization or freedom of expression, no matter your canvas? 

Be careful that individualism doesn’t lead to more self worship.  For all things are not profitable, right? 

Am I saying not to blog, etc.? No. I wouldn’t purposely be that hypocritical.  Really, this isn’t about blogging, but rather about the love of self, the expression of it in our culture and how companies heavily profit by allowing us to make much of ourselves with their products and services.  I haven’t even touched on the consequences of such self love. Perhaps I will in the future. More than likely I will. 

So why did I start a blog?  Why have I chosen to take advantage of this style of creative communication? The answer is obvious. To bring glory to Jesus Christ.  I can hear one particular pastor label it as redemptive blogging. “Say it, ‘Redemptive blogging.'”  The people respond, “Redemptive blogging.” “Amen! Amen! Amen!”  I’m sure many of you know of whom I speak…….with humorous respect!  Consider these words:

Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

(1 Corinthians 10:31)

This blog doesn’t exist to make much of me. Rather, I am His vessel to make much of Him.  It’s beyond me.  I write for His and others’ sake.  My aim is to invest my life in the one thing that will outlive my time on earth as well be beneficial to others. The one thing is His gospel.

Jesus’ words radically oppose the mantra of The Age of Me. Read carefully and thoughtfully.

“For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel’s will save it.

(Mark 8:35)

Grace & Peace,



3 thoughts on “The Age of Me?

  1. i’m not trying to be your writing critic, dave … i’m really not … but this was very well-written. clear. concise. to-the-point. i need to learn a lesson from your playbook.

    most importantly, it’s rooted in The Truth.

    i definitely will “take time to think on these things.”

  2. Thanx, sis! Praise God! Honestly, before I came to the Lord, I dreaded reading and writing. Must be a work of His grace! LOL!

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