Running and Bats!


Well, I’m sure you can tell by now what’s most important to me, so I figured I’d share other happenings of my life that may make for an interesting read. . .

As my brief bio states, I love basketball. However, I don’t get to play much these days, so I’ve decided to take up running as a means of staying in some sort of shape. It’s also a motivator that I live in Austin, TX, one of the fittest cities in America. And that’s because of all of the marathons and races that take place here annually. In fact, Nike has organized their Nike+ Human Race and it will feature Austin, TX as one of the host cities alongside of NYC, London, Buenos Aires and Vancouver. But I’m not running in it and I’m sure you know that already. 

I said all of that to lead up to this – – Tuesday, 8/19/08, while I was running in my neighborhood, a bat almost attacked me. Yes, a bat! In case you didn’t know, Austin, TX is also famous its bats.  So I’m at a smooth Olympic stride, and all of a sudden my peripheral vision catches sight of something flying rather erratically and predator-like. It didn’t possess the smooth glide of your ordinary pigeon or cardinal. Upon him or it getting closer to me, he or it realized that he or it didn’t want none of this, so he or it flew away into the night. So I continued at my Olympic stride at a steady pace listening to Young Josh in the ‘Pod.



2 thoughts on “Running and Bats!

  1. oh, no!

    i was looking forward to visiting austin, too. it’s on my american “must visit city” list. but bats are one of my least favorite creatures on the planet!


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